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The cardiovascular system is one of the most important systems in the body, each year millions of men and women suffer from diseases related to vascular problems. It is obvious that protecting the vascular system is essential in maintaining a healthy body and aid in treating many ailments.

In 1998 a Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to researchers who found that the endothelium cells (the inner lining of the blood vessels) produce (NO) nitric oxide, gas molecule, which it functions include among other things, relaxation of the smooth muscle of the blood vessels, widening and keeping them open for the transport of blood to various body systems, this process causes lower blood pressure, in addition this molecule stabilizes the atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries, reduces their formation and reduces their existence. Many conditions, including: hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, smoking, diabetes mellitus and heart failure are associated with diminished release of nitric oxide into the arterial wall . This molecule also has a role in the immune system and tissue regeneration.

The older you get the production of NO in body is reduced; and people are becoming more exposed to disease associated with abnormal blood supply in various body systems.

Simple solutions L – Arginine as an essential supplement

L– Arginine is an essential amino acid found in protein-containing foods such as almonds, various nuts, dairy products etc. But the production of the body cannot compensate for the lack of increased need. Endothelial cells in the vascular system use the amino acid for the production of NO and maintain the health of the circulatory system of the body. L – Arginine is the only dietary component known as a corner stone for NO production in the endothelial cells.

Many studies have shown the necessity of L – Arginine (daily consumption of 5 gr orally or intravenously):

 1. Vasodilation and relaxation of blood vessels

 2. Improvement in endothelial activity and function (the inner protective layer of

     blood vessels)

 3. Attenuating and preventing the formation of blood clots, leading to stoke and

     cardiac events

 4. Lowering blood pressure

 5. Reduction of chest pain

 6. Improving the blood circulation and “cleanup” of plaque from the vascular system  

 7. Stimulates the production of growth hormone – Anti-aging

 8. Improving muscle mass

 9. Support normal sexual function in men and women

10. Enhancement  of wound healing

11. Support healthy kidney function and secretion of toxins and waste materials

12. Assistance in the immune system

13. Regulation of hormonal activity

14. Prevention and treatment of rash and hair loss

Like other nutritional supplements L – Arginine is offered in tablets or capsules by multiple manufactures. However, the amount of L – arginine in a capsule or tablet is minor; therefore for certain indications it is needed to take 10 – 20 tablets each time. Moreover many L – arginine tablets offered in the market contain compounds that actually interfere with the absorption of the L – arginine in the body. The solution – is the supply of  L – arginine in a fluid which provides rapid and efficient absorption. Moreover, liquid L – arginine allows to consume high doses in comfort and in affordable prices.

The Arginoline is a dietary supplement that allows taking the recommended amount of L – arginine consuming two tablespoons (about 5 gr L – arginine every 30 ml) per day. It is possible to dilute with water or take chilled.

About the company 

Arginine products Ltd aims to develop and manufacture products based on the “wonder molecule”, further providing it to the general public in order to improve life quality, prevent disease development and assist in maintaining the health of the public.

Dr. Orna Levin, is a pioneer in alternative medicine (from 1984). She involves integration of healthcare, herbalism, acupuncture and nutrition adjustment in her medical practice. Many of those engaged in the field today are her students. Dr. Orna Levin is internationally renowned in development of herbal preparations. Like many other inventions, the idea of making an L- arginine liquid came up by chance. Getting started, took place a decade ago, when Dr. Orna Levin (in charge of herbal medicine  course at the Hebrew University in those days) lectured pharmacy students on the importance of consuming plants that contains NO. Further, leading Israeli industrialist, who is renowned chemist (and was involved in several groundbreaking inventions in the field of therapy) joined the development. The collaboration led to the establishment of the company and registration of the Arginoline patent.